Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Changing Seasons

After being without our computer for more than 2 weeks I've had some extra time to pray, contemplate, and look into some new ventures. I had been considering changing curriculums for one of our daughters who has low vision. In talking with a friend (thanks Kimmie) and doing some serious praying I've been looking into changing our curriculum for all the girls. The hard part for me is to change mid-year. In my mind - I like to prepare things ahead of time - it makes more sense to start fresh with something new. But as I seek out our options I don't think God wants me to wait another year. So I continue to pray and seek His guidance, so I can be where he wants me to be. It feels like life is changing with the seasons. I pray God makes our home as beautiful as the New England colors outside my window.

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Kimmie said...

Hmm, sound like some good changes. I think we think curriculum is all *it.* How many of our earlier relations had nothing but a bible to call on for their lessons. What great men and women who studied under that, and learned its life giving words...how many changed this world for His purposes? Don't get caught us with curriculum, there are many things that can be taught without any curriculum...of course you have a library card...and countless libraries to visit and to borrow from.

Praying that you will take the homeschooling road that fits your family best. Don't be influenced by this world, but by the renewing (from God's Spirit) of your mind.

bless you Kristine...


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