Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The babies are here!
(No, we don't have cows. It's the farm down the street.)


Rebecca said...

Realy like this blog outlook if I didn't mention it already. I Love cows. Crazy some like pigs but I love cows. This little one is super cute with all the fuzz. Thanks for sharing.

Kristine said...

My little 5 yr old princess is a 'cow-a-holic'. I know that's not a word but it fits her. She is trying to convince us to buy a cow farm, and she promises to take care of them all by herself. She has even turned down a pony ride because she wanted to ride a cow instead. lol

Cop Mama said...

Aw, now if that's not adorable!!!

Kimmie said...

;-) sweet fuzzy babies with their sticky tongues!

Rebecca said...

TAG your it! Stop by my blog today (Thrus) to see what I'm talking about.
Love to have you participate


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