Friday, September 3, 2010

Crochet, Yarn, and a Two Year Old

I live 1/2 hour from the closest craft store, grocery store, warehouse club, etc. Because of the price of gas, I've been trying to consolidate trips into town. Hubby only gets paid every other week, so yesterday and today were shopping days for me (with all 5 girls in the car, I can't do it all in one trip). Yesterday we went to Target and A.C.Moore. Today we were venturing out to finish our shopping for the next two weeks. This is the conversation I had with my girls on the way to the store this morning.

Princess Giggles (5): "Where are we going?" (she already knew, she just likes to ask questions)

Me: "BJ's and Joann's."

Princess Cuddlebug (7): "We just went to A.C.Moore yesterday. What are you getting at Joann's?"

Princess Joy (2): "YARN!"

Needless to say, the entire car busted out laughing. It's pretty sad when my 2 year old knows what we're getting at the craft store.


J. Bramlett said...

How cute she is! We live about half an hour from the nearest big town as well and we go into the city about once a month. Gas is just way too expensive! It is a lot better than where we used to live at a 45 minute drive to the nearest grocery store. We had to make that trip every week unless we forgot something. I feel you on the limiting trips!

Doris Sturm said...

Same here...there's abolutely nothing in this town, no decent stores, certainly no crafts stores, no public transportation system (I don't have a car right now) and I feel totally isolated.

I buy a lot of my yarns online and that actually works out better for me because I'm not subject to impulse shopping ;-)

Kristine said...

Doris, I've always thought about buying my yarn online. For me, most of the time, I'm to cheap to pay the shipping charges. Plus, if it's a new yarn I like to see it before I buy it.

Rebecca said...

ha ha am loveing it. NH is far but one can always fill up and fly out. Love the pic of your little one! Great job consolidating.


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