Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creating A Home Office - When There Isn't One

I have 2 goals for today.

1) To get at least 5 of my 'no-longer-needed' homeschool items listed on ebay.  I've come to the realization I don't have the time to get everything listed at once, so if I do a few a day that may work.  Only one problem....I've been up since 2:30 this morning. (yes I'm crazy, lol)

2) To clean off my computer desk.  Not as easy as it sounds seeing as my husband and I each own a home business, on top of the fact that we don't have an office/den/spare room.  So our setup is in the living room, in a very little alcove.  I do about 1/2 of my crochet designing from there, so there's usually balls of yarn, handwritten notes, contracts & estimates for my hubby's tree removal biz, etc.  It wasn't bad until tax time.  I was an accounting major in college, so I do all of our taxes myself.  This year, for some reason, I still haven't organized and put all the files downstairs. 

We'll see how it goes.  I'm hoping to get the majority of it done so I can move on to something else tomorrow.


The Farmer's Attic said...

Good luck with your organizing!!! I determined starting last year that I would do one thing every day - even if it was just to go through the mail or wipe off one blind or clear out one drawer. It sure does make a huge difference over time. Certainly not as stressful.

Hope you get some rest too :)


couponsforzipcodes said...

wel....great to know that you have strived so hard....hope your endeavors get paid off....keep it up....

Free Coupons Shop said...

doing such type of small small things on a daily basis will definitely help out in the long run.

Gigi said...

Oh heavens! Organizing office/paperwork/desk is the very the very hardest thing for me. You should see my desk now -- or maybe no, you shouldn't ;). Anyway, that same task is on my to do list today (blech).
And thank you so much for the kind comment about my little cowl, and yes of course you may use the photo. Thank you so much for being so considerate!
Blessings & good luck with the organizing!


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