Friday, March 19, 2010

25 Laps Around the House

I've got the itch . . . . . I've wanted to excercise since our newest addition was about a week old.  I decided that was a little too soon, so I waited until she was 2 weeks old.  I felt great and wanted to do something.....anything.  So, I decided to give some floor excercises a go. BAD idea!  My back was just not ready and I could immediately tell that it was not a very smart idea on my part.  So I waited another week and tried again (I'm stubborn, & sometimes I don't learn the first time:).  This time I only did it for about half the amount of time as my first go around.  That was on Wednesday, and I felt pretty good. Well, today it is absolutely gorgeous out.  So, as the girls were outside playing, and my new little one was sleeping, I decided I wanted to go for a walk. 

Walking has always been my favorite.  Whether I take a walk with my family or by myself I've always enjoyed it.  But, for the most part, I don't take walks anymore.   My husband works crazy hours, and because we live on a windy road with no street lights for two miles in either direction, it limits when I can go.  I used to take the girls with me, but once I had the 3rd girl it became to much.  I had to push 2 in a stroller and carry the other one because of the hills, no sidewalks, crazy drivers, etc....

Back to my story....
While outside with the girls today I had an idea.  I could walk around my house.  Maybe you've done this and it's not new to you, or maybe you think I'm crazy.  Either way, I was excited.  So I started doing laps.  One side of my house has a walkout basement, so I have 3 level sides and one side with a hill down and then a small hill up.  Perfect for me, seeing as I'm really not supposed to be excercising yet anyway :).  So, I kept up my laps. The girls had no clue until about lap 20, when all of a sudden my 8 year old stopped me and said....."What are you doing?"  To which I responded, "Walking."  I guess that was a boring answer because her only response was "Oh" and she took off, in the other direction, to find her sisters.  I'm looking forward to more spring days now that I have somewhere to walk. 


Kimmie said...

Good for you!

I just started walking again this week. I put the baby in the stroller and ventured out. The road we cross is pretty busy, but I prayed and ask for God to protect us. I took one extra child with me each walk and it has been a little extra alone time for them.

I am praying for an exercise bike for inside, as my gym days are seemingly gone now. sigh.

I am so glad it is spring...well soon. I am so sick of winter.

Glad you thought of a way to make it happen...walking.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

Rebecca said...

Good for you, I can't wait to get the go to exercise!! Ugg I feel so incredibly flabby, especially in the front. Wish we lived closer than we could go for walks together. I love walking and look forward to the warm weather when I can treck the neighborhood with the stroller and kids. We did get a double by the way. Now I have to put it to good use.
Happy walking :-)

Jen Clark said...

So proud of you Kristine! Don't overdo it though!


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