Friday, February 26, 2010

Diapers - Frugal Friday

My children have always been on the large side at birth. Almost all of them weighed 9+ lbs (or very close to it). Three of them were so large that in the hospital I had the nurses looking for a package of size 1 diapers because they didn't fit into the standard newborn size that the hospital gives you. I always laughed. So, with this pregnancy, as with the rest of them, I went for my 3rd trimester ultrasound and they told me I was looking at another 8 1/2 - 9 lb. baby. I wasn't really surprised, but I will admit I was a little disappointed, seeing as I had been praying for a 'normal' size baby to deliver.  So, when it was time to start stocking up and preparing for this little girl I naturally went and bought size 1 diapers. I didn't even consider the newborn size.

Here I am, with a 6 day old baby that still fits into newborn diapers! She went through the package the hospital gave us and my wonderful husband went out and bought another package of 'peanut diapers' for her. (I've taken to calling her 'peanut' seeing as she's the smallest newborn I've ever had :).

All that was for my Frugal Friday tip ..... Save money on diapers!

Obviously the first week or two babies grow very quickly. But after that there are tons of ways to save money on diapers.
  • Buy them by the case
  • Use coupons
  • Use a warehouse club that will give you a discount on the case, plus you can use one of there coupons and a manufacturers coupon all at the same time
  • If you have an abundance of coupons that will expire before you will use them buy a bunch of small packages and use a coupon for every one. This is also effective if you're not sure you will use a whole case before the baby outgrows them.
  • If you're not stuck on a specific brand (like me:) some generic may work well for you. You won't have coupons but may save just as much in the long run.
If you have any other suggestions I'm all ears. I've had as many as 3 in diapers all at the same time, so I'm open to any money saver ideas you may have.


Jen Clark said...

Some of the best places to buy diapers can even be Walgreens and CVS where they also take coupons and offer different specials. Always calculate per diaper cost!

Kristine said...

Very true! Per diaper cost IS the best way to calculate. Always shop around for the best price. Thanks.


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