Friday, February 12, 2010

Frugal Friday - Buying in Bulk

You can save money if you buy in bulk. I know some of you are thinking that I have a large family, so it makes sense for me to buy in bulk.  But, I buy in bulk even on items we don't use a ton of. 

For example: I buy egg noodles & elbow macaroni in 5 lb. bags.  If it doesn't come is a zipper seal bag I put it in gallon size storage bags.  Most items that are non-perishable come in smaller packages on the inside, so you don't waste it once it's open.  Companies are even making many perishables now with resealable bags to make it more convenient for storing the extra. 

I also recommend buying cereal at a warehouse club, especially if you and/or your children eat it daily (or even a few times a week). Here's why....You get two bags inside that box. The part that most people miss is that the bags are larger than that single box of cereal you buy at the grocery store. Take LIFE for example.  Most days, this would probably be my son's choice of cereal so I keep it in stock.  If you buy a box of Life in the grocery store it is anywhere from $2.75 (on sale) to $4.99 (at a more expensive store). Here's what you may miss. Most grocery store boxes are approx. 22 oz.  When you buy a warehouse box you get 2 bags, that are 31 oz. each, for about $6.49.  It's almost like getting a 3rd box at the grocery store free (but you don't need to wait for the sale).

There are many other items that, if you pay attention, are a value to you wallet.  Sometimes the math goes beyond the may need to break it down by ounces, etc.

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