Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Struggling Reader

This little girl has definately had her struggles.  From birth she didn't sleep more than 4-5 hours in a 24 hours period. (We survived 1 1/2 years of that). She has done everything 'late' from walking at 18 months to not saying a word until after she turned 3 years old.  She does not like change to the point where she shows signs of mild anxiety when something changes.

And, did I mention she's very strong willed?  My hubby used to joke and say there's no way she got it from him, it had to be passed down from me.  I've decided it must be a combination of the both of us put together, because she's got me beat by a long shot. LOL.  When you combine these 2 out!

She started out the school year very gung-ho. After all, she has two older sisters whom she watches.  She's a slower learner than the other two so it's taking her a while to catch on to things, but she's getting them.  I'm ok with that, but it has not been easy for her.  She is struggling to grasp the concept of phonics.  Letters and sounds are fine, but putting them together isn't working for her.  On days like today, when that strong will kicks in, we battle.  Not because she needs to learn it right now.  I fully believe she'll get it with time and practice.  I just want her to try.  It's the effort I care about, not how fast we make progress.  On days like today, it's the stubborness that drives me nuts!  She decided she didn't want to try to sound out a word and down-right refused, to the point where she wouldn't even tell me what a specific letter sound made.  Some days I just can't tell whether she can't do it or she won't do it.  I've only had one other day as hard as this one.  I told her she wasn't getting up until she at least tried and gave it an effort.  (If you ever try this - it won't work if you're frustrated - then they just get frustrated). I left her there to think about it while I worked with the other girls. She sat there adamant that she wasn't going to do it for at least an hour. Then, out of the clear blue, she told me what the word was, and asked if she could be done for the day. ugh!  Needless to say I was glad she could read the word without help, but my suspisions were right. Today it wasn't that she couldn't do it - she just wouldn't do it. I'm glad I didn't 'lose my temper' or get frustrated. That would have only made it worse.  Praying tomorrow is a better day with a fresh perspective.


Kimmie said...


First...what I share may not apply at all, as your daughter is still rather young...but I will share in hopes it helps in some way.

What God has been showing me lately with mine (and with my battling grounds with them) is...that it is always a matter of heart,of love, of obedience, of honor, of respect. It is that they are holding that part (or I am) and not allowing God to work in that area. He has told me that I have to find ways to *get* to their heart. To get to the heart of the matter, then I can teach, then they can learn, then they can fully walk in His ways. I do think that many times it can be a level of gratitude-having understanding that it is such a privelege to get to be a Christian, to get to be part of a family...that they need to think of all that God has done for them and then change their heart's reaction (or mine).

Take what applies, toss what doesn't Kristine.

Not sure if it helps you...hope it does.


The Farmer's Attic said...

She sure is cute though :)


Kristine said...

Lucy, thank you.

Kimmie, We too have been working on love, obedience, honor, and respect. I believe they are all matters of the heart. It's nice to know we're not alone in that. I always value your help and insight. Thank you so much for sharing what God has given you.



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